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Retail Packaging


Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP)

  • Tight vacuum seals in freshness like a "second skin"
  • Newest fresh meat packaging technology
  • Superior oxygen barrier extends shelf life
  • Appealing vertical display capability
  • Tray size variety for portion flexibility

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

  • Flexible, transparent film enhances product appeal
  • Removes oxygen, stabilizes atmosphere of gases inside
  • Provides “fresh cut” look
  • No additives needed
  • Longer freshness cycle

Vacuum Packaging

  • Product securely packed under vacuum

  • Tight shrink for improved appearance

  • Puncture and tear-resistant
  • Easy to open for customers
  • Freezer-ready

Ground & Value-Added

  • Consumer convenient products
  • Popular with busy shoppers
  • Versatile
  • Easy preparation
  • High profit margins
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