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Our Commitment to Humane Animal Handling

Humanely Raised
Our calves and lambs are raised in the most modern, temperature-controlled group housed facilities that assure excellent air circulation and natural sunlight. Animals are never tethered and can move freely with easy access to fresh water. Animal technicians, in collaboration with veterinarians, monitor every aspect of animal care.

Advanced Practices
Animals receive gentle handling and proper nutrition. They can socialize with other animals, assuring proper, natural growth.

Personalized Care
Daily care is provided by farm personnel and experienced animal technicians, under the supervision of veterinarians, who visit our farms every week to ensure the health and well-being of calves and lambs. They also monitor the animals’ nutrition and feeding programs.

Animals are comfortably transferred from farms in well-maintained and regularly serviced trucks that assure their comfort and well-being while minimizing stress and preventing injury.

State-of-the-Art Abattoir
The principles of Dr. Temple Grandin, world-recognized authority on humane animal handling, are the basis of the design of our modern abattoir. We continue to follow the evolving advice of Dr. Grandin to ensure that our animals are treated with the utmost care.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring
Our production process is monitored throughout our integrated supply chain, including 24/7 third party remote video surveillance and auditing of handling and processing procedures by Arrowsight, the leading developer of monitoring systems in North America.

Third Party Audits
We encourage regular third party audits initiated by our customers who measure our compliance with various programs and procedures.