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National Trade Publication Interviews Veal Industry Leaders

June 2019
National Trade Publication Interviews Veal Industry Leaders Food & Beverage Executive, a national trade publication, recently interviewed veal industry leaders, including Anthony Catelli, president & CEO of the Pennsauken, NJ-headquartered Catelli Brothers, about how they are driving product growth. The consensus answer was “by managing every stage of the business and creating multiple cut options.”
“We control all aspects of production from farm to fork, including using state-of-the-art technology with 24/7 video monitoring of our livestock and offering complete, reliable traceability for every package we produce,” Catelli told the editor. The firm’s facilities in the U.S. and Canada have earned SQF Level 3 certifications, he pointed out.
Catelli went on to emphasize, “Catelli Brothers veal includes no added hormones, which promotes natural, healthy growth.” As the largest fully integrated veal company in North America, Catelli Brothers is also a leader in the humane treatment of animals, which are always raised untethered and in group housing.
Catelli Brothers also leads the way in providing a variety of cut options and retailers have a choice of VSP, MAP and vacuum packaging. “Our 14 retail veal products are cut to our customers’ exact specifications,” he reported, “and our packaging is both attractive and safe.”
In addition to providing marketing support for retailers, Catelli pointed out the importance of consumer information about veal. “We want people who enjoy nutritious and delicious veal in restaurants to try it at home and not be intimated because they are not sure how to prepare it,” he said. “That’s why we provide hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes on our website, which is visited not only by consumers, but by professional chefs as well,” Catelli stressed. He added, “Our attractively designed, consumer-preferred packaging includes key selling points so consumers know our products are all natural and healthy and that the animals are group raised and untethered.”