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Maintenance Mechanic "B"

Catelli Brother’s, located in Collingswood, NJ, is a producer of the finest quality veal and lamb products. In the Maintenance Mechanic role, you will work as a member of our Maintenance Operations Team, dedicated to maintaining smooth operation our food processing equipment and facility. This includes responsibilities such as troubleshooting breakdowns, equipment repair, performing preventive maintenance, and working with our production and management team to optimize the operation and flow of our production lines.

Ability to program Variable Frequency Drives (VFC’s).

Troubleshooting and programming PLC’s used on plant equipment

Calibrate various instruments such as thermocouples, load cells, etc.

Must be able to troubleshoot power distribution systems

Must have working knowledge of electrical testing equipment such as multimeter, megger, etc.

Must be able to troubleshoot systems up to 480 volts with complicated electrical controls and wire 3 phase motors

Must be knowledgeable in Welding safety practices and Hot-work Permit requirements

Must have working knowledge in 480-volt electrical safety practices

Must be able to safely operate shop equipment such as grinders, cut-off saws, power tools, ladders, etc.

Must be knowledgeable in operating and maintaining air compressors and air dryers

Must be able to rebuild gearboxes, power drives, centrifugal pumps and replace mechanical shaft seals

Must be able to weld Stainless Steel. Weld quality to be acceptable for food grade applications

Must be able to troubleshoot and program complex automated equipment

Must be able to perform complex building mechanical repairs

Must be knowledgeable in equipment Lock-Out/Tag-Out requirements

Ability to work in a cold environment

All other task as assigned


    Strong decision making and problem-solving skills

    Excellent communication skills in all levels

    Strong attention to detail and ability to work quickly while maintaining a high-priority to the safety of our workforce

    Must read and write English

    Able to work flexible hours and overtime as required by workload

    Able to function in a team environment where continuous improvement is expected through communication and cooperation

    Must be willing and able to contribute to and implement department programs, procedures and systems

    Will frequently enter various refrigerated areas of the plant to perform maintenance activities. Frequent stay in the refrigerated areas may be for extended periods of time

Education / Training

High school diploma/ BS Degree in related field

5+ years’ experience in Maintenance

Good knowledge of Microsoft word/excel

Related Experience/Requirements Minimum 5 years’ experience in fresh meat production environment preferred
Physical Requirements

Must be able to perform the following physical activities: Job requires workers to lifting, use of ladders, catwalks. Must be able to: step, climb, balance, squat, kneel, bend and reach above shoulders as needed.

Work in a cold refrigerated environment

Excellent Benefits Competitive Wages
401k with Employer Match
Medical Coverage & Prescription Plan
Dental Plan
Life Insurance
Vision Insurance
Paid Time Off
Holiday Pay
Tuition Reimbursement


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