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New Pork Sausage Meatballs from Catelli Brothers & ‘Kitchen Consigliere’

December 2016

Collingswood, NJ, Nov. 28, 2016—Catelli Brothers, one of the nation’s largest veal and lamb processors, has teamed with its Collingswood, NJ restaurant neighbor chef Angelo Lutz, known as “The Kitchen Consigliere,” to offer fully cooked pork sausage meatballs to retail and food service customers. Chef Lutz, who operates The Kitchen Consigliere Café and is widely… Read more »

Case-Ready Meat Quality Earns Consumer Trust

December 2016

Shoppers trust the quality of case-ready meats such as lamb, veal, beef and pork according to The Power of Meat research study conducted in 2016 jointly by the Food Market Institute and the North American Meat Institute. An impressive 83 percent of consumers believe the quality is as good or better than meat cut and… Read more »

Millennials Dominate U.S. Economy

October 2016

As reported in a recent comprehensive research study, there are 80 million American Millennials and together they represent a whopping $200 billion in spending power, thus dominating the U.S. economy more than any other generation. The good news for the veal industry is that Millennial Moms find veal to be healthier and leaner than other… Read more »

Colorado: America’s Lamb Capital

October 2016

Maryland is famous for crabs. New Jersey’s “Jersey tomatoes” are famed. Maine, of course, is the lobster state. In Idaho, the potato is king. And, when it comes to American lamb, Colorado’s product is the most sought after by professional chefs throughout the U.S. Because Colorado’s lamb is considered to be higher in quality and… Read more »

Focus on Veal: From Farm to Flavor

August 2016

Meatingplace magazine publishes in-depth article about how the Catelli Brothers-Montpak International-Delimax cross-border partnership created “the largest, most automated veal and lamb company on the continent.”

Grocery Headquarters Shines the Spotlight on Catelli Brothers

July 2016

In an interview published in Grocery Headquarters, CEO Tony Catelli advocates for the veal industry to both retailers and consumers. He also tells writer Seth Mendelson about the entrepreneurial beginnings of the company and how its focus on customer service and investments in infrastructure keep Catelli Brothers ahead of the curve.

For Fun & Prizes Join “Summer Lambventures”

June 2016

Enter this free Facebook contest and create memories with friends and family. Grand prize is a chance to win $2,000 to pay off your summer fun! Get Lambventures tips and tasty grilling recipes, too.

Committed to Technology: Featured in Aspen Report

March 2015

Tim Mabley, Director of Operations for Aspen Systems, reports on Catelli Brothers’ long standing commitment to excellence and the firm’s equally long-standing commitment to technology.